The "Old Home Place" abt 1900-1910

The "Old Home Place" abt 1900-1910
Earp Homestead located N. Keokuk Twp., SE 1/4 S6 T15N R6E, Lincoln CO., OK, or 3 miles north and 2 1/2 miles west of Stroud, OK.

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Here you'll find a family parlor for descendants and other kin of William Asbury and Mary Frances (Wright) Earp, who settled near Stroud (Lincoln Co.) Oklahoma Territory in 1892. May it be a resting place along the highway of time for all who pass this way. Come on in--the door's open. Sit down and rest a spell. Let's swap some stories and photographs from the treasure chest of time. Y'all come on in now, hear?


Monday, August 22, 2011

"North of Deep Fork"

"North of Deep Fork, A Lincoln County Farm Family in Hard Times" is the title of a family history book written by my brother Wayne Pounds. It is now available online at for $10.91 plus shipping. The book is an updated, second edition of a history of a farm family in Lincoln County, Oklahoma, 1891-1941. Inside you will find regional history, county history, family history, genealogy and an Index that includes 165 family names.

This book is largely the story of the Pounds and Olson families from the time of the Oklahoma Land Run of 1891 until about 1941. However, you will find the Earps there also and many other Lincoln County families.

Click here.

Happy Reading! We would appreciate hearing your comments on the book. Thanks.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Photos Added

I have just added some photos to the "Pages of Interest" section. Check out the "Earp family" pictures and also the "Land Run" pictures. Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Children of William A. Earp and Mary F. Wright Earp

Wm. Earp Family taken 1906 in Stroud, OK Terr. Back row: Hugh, Otto, Ira, Vernie, Earl.
Front row: Ona, Oba, Coy, Will with John, Mary with baby Claud, and Ara on right.

Will and Mary Earp were married Jan. 1, 1884, in Clio, Wayne Co., IA. Their first child, Coy Jane, was born Dec. 15, 1884 in Greeley Co., NE. On Dec. 25, 1907 Coy married Phillip Otis Miller in Lincoln Co., OK.

Coy Jane Earp and Phillip Otis Miller, 1907

Otto George was born April 25, 1886, Greeley Co., NE. On the 29th of Oct., 1910, he married Fannie E. Cummings in Lincon Co., OK.

Fannie Cummings and Otto Earp, 1910

Ina Elizabeth was born Sept. 13, 1887, in Greeley Co., NE. She married Orval M. Collyer, March 3, 1907, in Lincoln Co., OK.

Ina Earp and Orval Collyar, 1907

William "Vernie" was born March 6, 1889 in Greeley Co., NE. On. Dec. 19, 1916, he married Elsie Mae Kennedy in Lincoln Co., OK.

Elsie Kennedy and Vernie Earp, 1916

The last child born in Nebraska before the migration to Oklahoma Territory was Martin "Earl". He was born Aug. 27, 1890 in Greeley Co. NE. On Nov. 12, 1919, Earl Earp married Flossie Pearl Burton in Lincoln Co., OK.

Earl Earp and Flossie Burton, 1919

The first child born in Oklahoma Territory was Hugh Earnest Earp, born June 4, 1893, in Keokuk Township, northwest of the town of Stroud, Lincoln Co., OK. Hughie was my grandfather. He married Lenna Wilburn Dec. 17, 1912. Lenna died two years later. Hughie then married my grandmother, Arlie Avenell Flatt, on Dec. 26, 1916, Lincoln Co., OK.

Hughie Earp and Lenna Wilburn, 1912
Hughie Earp and Arlie Flatt, 1916

The second child born in Oklahoma Territory was a girl, Ona Hannah, born Jan. 4, 1896. On Sept. 1, 1916, Ona married Edwin C. Taylor in Lincoln Co., OK.

Ona and Edwin Taylor

Ona Hannah Earp, 1910   


Ara Viola Earp was born March 9, 1898, north of Stroud, Lincoln Co. She married Joseph Hensly Feb. 24, 1913.

Ara Viola Earp, 1910
Ara Earp Hensley and children, 1918

Oba Asa was born April 28, 1900, north of Stroud, Lincoln Co., OK. He married Gladys Burton on Nov. 12, 1919.

Oba and Gladys Earp and children

Oba and Gladys Earp

John Luther Earp was born Nov. 28, 1902, north of Stroud, Lincoln Co., OK. He married Jessie "Dee" Henderson on May 24, 1926.

Dee Henderson and John Earp, 1926

The last child of Will and Mary Earp was born Nov. 30, 1904. He was named Claud Russell Earp. On Nov. 29, 1925 he married Opal P. Henderson in Lincoln Co., OK.

Opal Henderson and Claud Earp, 1925

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Favorite Christmas Gifts

This is me when I was about 4 years old. My family all called me "Genie". It was my baby name.

My favorite Christmas memory is of the beige wicker baby doll buggy that I received from Santa the Christmas morning that I was 4...the Christmas that we were living at "Aunt May's Place"...a farm house located west of Chandler on old Highway 66.

I remember my Grandpa Pounds coming to visit early that Christmas morning and, of course, I had to show off my new doll buggy to him. I dressed up our little brindle Boston Terrier in doll clothes and pushed him around the house in the new buggy. I remember that Grandpa was dutifully impressed!

Another Christmas Grandparents Earp (Hughie and Arlie) gave each of us grandchildren two silver dollars each year for Christmas. He would go to the bank and exchange dollar bills for silver dollars. Then Grandma would put them in a box and wrap them. Two silver dollars was a lot of money for a little kid in the forties and fifties! I wish I had some of those shiny silver dollars today!

Well, Christmas is over, today is January 1 of 2011! Unimaginable to me. As a kid I never thought I would live to see the century 2000. Surely the Second Coming would happen before then! But here we are. And I love celebrating the birth of Christ each year. Then we all have the gift of a new year where each day is a clean slate and a brand new beginning. I love family history but I also love the idea that each year can be a new beginning if we need it to be. God bless each of you this new year.