The "Old Home Place" abt 1900-1910

The "Old Home Place" abt 1900-1910
Earp Homestead located N. Keokuk Twp., SE 1/4 S6 T15N R6E, Lincoln CO., OK, or 3 miles north and 2 1/2 miles west of Stroud, OK.

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Here you'll find a family parlor for descendants and other kin of William Asbury and Mary Frances (Wright) Earp, who settled near Stroud (Lincoln Co.) Oklahoma Territory in 1892. May it be a resting place along the highway of time for all who pass this way. Come on in--the door's open. Sit down and rest a spell. Let's swap some stories and photographs from the treasure chest of time. Y'all come on in now, hear?


Friday, January 8, 2010

Lincoln County Oklahoma Land Run of 1891


Left click the picture below to see an enlarged view of Harper's Weekly portrayal of the "run". Then left click on the above link. On the bottom of the new page you will find a link to the OkGenWeb Project. There are several links there that you might enjoy.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Candy

I know this is a little late to be making Christmas candy, but candy can be made year 'round, right? Just a few days ago I was digging through my box of old recipes and I turned up an old yellowed lined sheet of paper from a writing tablet. On the outside it read "Date Loaf Candy" in Grandma Arlie's handwriting. On the inside was Grandma's recipe for date loaf candy, which I dearly loved as a kid, written in her own hand. What a treasure!
Because I am a magnanimous sort of person, ahem, I have decided to share it with you, her off spring!

Do any of you ladies out there have any of Grandma's recipes that you'd like to share? We would love to see them if you do.
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Golden Anniversary 1967

I am posting a colored photograph of Hughie and Arlie taken at their reception in Jan., 1967. Color photography was a relatively new thing in 1967 and tended to fade. However, this photo has been well preserved as it shows the red of Grandma's dress, the stripes in Grandpa's suit, and the golden leaves on the cake, golden candles, and golden floral arrangement on the buffet.
Left click on the photo to see the details.

Wedding Anniversary of Hughie and Arlie Earp

December 24, 1967....does anyone know what that date signifies? Yes, I know it was Christmas Eve, but that is not the answer I am looking for. Maybe I should restate it as December 24,, does that date ring a bell? How about ringing a wedding bell? That wedding bell would be ringing for Hugh Earnest Earp and Arlie Avenell Flatt who were married on that date in 1916.

In January of 1967 Hughie and Arlie celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception in their home in Stroud, OK. All of the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren were there. I was there. Were you?
Here you'll see a photo of Huey and Arlie on their wedding day Dec. 24, 1916. Also, you'll see a photo of Huey and Arlie taken 50 years later. They were still a handsome couple.

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!
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