The "Old Home Place" abt 1900-1910

The "Old Home Place" abt 1900-1910
Earp Homestead located N. Keokuk Twp., SE 1/4 S6 T15N R6E, Lincoln CO., OK, or 3 miles north and 2 1/2 miles west of Stroud, OK.

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Here you'll find a family parlor for descendants and other kin of William Asbury and Mary Frances (Wright) Earp, who settled near Stroud (Lincoln Co.) Oklahoma Territory in 1892. May it be a resting place along the highway of time for all who pass this way. Come on in--the door's open. Sit down and rest a spell. Let's swap some stories and photographs from the treasure chest of time. Y'all come on in now, hear?


Monday, April 19, 2010

Early Bird Milks the Cow

It is 6 A.M.--so where are your 1800 ancestors? What was a typical day for them? That depends on what they did for a living. If they were farmers, like most of our ancestors, here is a daily schedule similar to what theirs possibly would be.

5:00 am -  feed animals
6:00 am  - breakfast
7:00 am -  out to the fields
8:00 am--noon depending on the season the farmer will be sowing, planting, fertilizing, weeding, pruning, harvesting, etc.
12 noon lunch
1:00 pm -  repair/build fences, clean barns
2:00 pm  - chop wood, fish or hunt
3:00 pm - out in the fields again
5:00 pm  - evening chores: feed animals, milk cows, etc.
6:00 pm -  supper
7:00 pm -  clean guns, mend bridles, whittle
8:00 pm -  bed

Farm Wife
5:00 am - milk cows
6:00 am - cook breakfast
7:00 am - sweep house, make beds, wash dishes
8:00 am - work in garden
9:00 am - wash clothes by hand, hang to dry
11:00 am - prepare lunch for family
12:00 noon lunch
1:00 pm - lessons with children
3:00 pm - start preparations for supper: gather wood, start fire, kill and clean chicken, etc.
4:00 pm - 6:00 - prepare meal for family
6:00 pm - supper
7:00 pm - clean up after meal
8:00 pm - mend, sew, knit; put children to bed
9:00 pm - bed

6:00 am - haul water, start fire
7:00 am - gather eggs, feed chickens
8:00 am - work in the garden
9:00 am - gather firewood/buffalo chips
10:00 am - slop the pigs
11:00 am - sweep the yard
12:00 am - lunch
1:00- pm - lessons with mama
3:00 pm - free time
5:00 pm. - help prepare meal
6:00 pm - supper
7:00 pm - sew, read, arithmetic
8:00 pm - bed

Online source: Ancestry Magazine; by staff writer; published 28 Apr. 2008

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